President’s Message

Welcome to Ton Duc Thang University. This website aims to give you, our colleagues in academia, partners in the business community, and friends around the globe, a brief introduction to one of the fastest developing higher education institutions in Vietnam. It also offers an account of the presence of the university in Ho Chi Minh City, widely recognized as the most dynamic city in Vietnam today. Indeed, life and study at Ton Duc Thang University have become a significantly exciting experience for our students and staff.


We hope this website will start a substantive relationship as we are presenting our efforts to help answer some of the world’s most pressing questions in economic development and social advancement. In fact, as the university has been supporting the development of the Vietnamese society and economy, its accomplishments more and more take on worldly significance as we are more globally integrated. Hence, our university’s orientation “For accomplishment in human development and a society with sustainable, stable growth” is truly applicable for any society anywhere in the world today.


To realize the mission of the university with such an orientation, Ton Duc Thang University has seen its graduates, i.e., products of its teaching and research programs, become influential leaders on many national and regional levels. It would definitely surprise you to learn that our students rank among the best students in Ho Chi Minh City, and in Vietnam. And while our graduates have been successful in their career choices, our faculty and researchers have taken on additional roles as advisers to business, industry and national decision makers by sharing their knowledge and expertise to identify pressing issues and offer solutions to important problems.


Furthermore, I strongly believe that even though we are now living in a globalized world, educational principles and cultural values will define the distinctiveness of a particular country. As a result, the mission of a university should not only be teaching and training in order to provide students with the skills the society needs in the global competitive environment, but it must also instill in the students the spirit of teamwork and the necessity of cultural sensitivity. With that recognition, Ton Duc Thang University has developed its international collaborative programs to ensure its graduates can succeed in the highly competitive nature of the global market.  We invite you to explore these programs and participate in these exciting opportunities.


Ton Duc Thang University has always been open to new ideas. We have benefited greatly from the sharing of experiences from our partners and international friends; hence, we seek to further enhance the international collaborative programs for our mutual benefits.


I hope you find in this website something that encourages you to visit  and to pick up the phone, or write a letter, to join our exciting journey in higher education.


Again, welcome to Ton Duc Thang University!


President, Professor Le Vinh Danh, Ph.D.